Slack Introduces New Feature Allowing Coworkers to Send Each Other Virtual Eye Rolls

In a move that's sure to delight office workers everywhere, Slack has unveiled a new feature that allows users to send virtual eye rolls to their coworkers. The feature, which is part of the messaging platform's suite of reaction emojis, is designed to help employees express their frustration and annoyance with each other in a more passive-aggressive way.

"Let's face it, sometimes your coworkers say or do things that just make you want to roll your eyes," said a spokesperson for Slack. "With our new virtual eye roll feature, you can now do so without ever having to leave the comfort of your desk chair.

"The feature has already proven to be a hit with users, who have been sending virtual eye rolls left and right since it was introduced earlier this week. "It's the perfect way to let your coworkers know that you're not impressed with their latest idea," said one user. "And it's much more fun than just ignoring them or pretending to be busy."

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